Consumed the week of 30 October, 2017

Been a busy week this week…

Inside the Mind of Thru-Hiking’s Most Devious Con Man is just one of those con-man articles I’m slightly addicted to.

I Forgot my PIN: An epic tale of losing $30,000 in Bitcoin is Mark ‘Boing Boing’ Frauenfelder’s cautionary tale of not writing down you PIN and your recovery words on the same bit of paper.

Constable-Frozen, the Internet’s Most Famous Frozen Fan, Denies That His Frozen Tumblr Is Secretly a Fetish Blog. As bonkers as it sounds.

The Art of the Dinner Party is a beautiful and better-than-it sounds interactive feature from the NY Times.

When Artists Turn to Craigslist, the Results Are Intimate, Disquieting, and Surprisingly Profound. Yes, yes they are.

The Strange History of Design Legend Cipe Pineles’ Illustrated Cookbook is a brilliant story of turning an extraordinary find into a one-of-a-kind cookbook.

Watched this week: The Florida Project (incredible):

And Jungle (decent Saturday-night-on-the-sofa movie):

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