Consumed the week of 22 January, 2018

Watched this week…

Embedded above is the trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic, a six-part miniseries that I’m two episodes into. So far it’s very watchable and just the right side of intriguing.

I haven’t been watching a lot of films recently, mainly because I’m still working my way through the incredible Twin Peaks. But Nina was away with work this week so I sat down and watched something I knew she wasn’t that bothered about: It. I enjoyed it, but it never got close to reaching the heights of the book. I think maybe something like last year’s Gerald’s Game worked better thanks to the concise story and limited setting. It (like The Stand for instance) is just too big for the big sceen, I’ll still watch the sequel though.

Read this week…

Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now from the NY Times is the must-read article after you’ve watched I, Tonya. The portraits are top notch too.

Also fromt he NY Times, a brilliant article about The Hyman Magazine Archive, an incredible project that’s housed in Woolwich. I would kill to spend a day in there.

Esquire published an oral history of Breaking Bad to mark the ten year anniversary of its TV premiere. Worth the read for this Aaron Paul quote: “I get called ‘bitch’ every single day. I have been called ‘bitch’ more than anyone on the planet, and that is very exciting. I’m very proud of that fact.”

Longreads sums up a spate of recent articles looking at the social media backlash. The bit which resonated most with me was: “Paul Constant, at the Seattle Review of Books, urges readers to stop getting their news (and opinions) from social media feeds and instead populate an RSS reader with the blogs and news sites they value and trust: ‘When we allow someone else to control our media intake, we’re giving up a tremendous amount of power. We’ve got to take that power back.'” Amen to that (my RSS feed has been the first thing I read when I sit down at my desk for over ten years…and it is curated to within an inch of its life).

No books read this week, but I’m about to start Jon McGregor’s new one Reservoir 13, and I’ve agreed to try and read one volume of A Dance to the Music of Time each month for the whole of 2018!

And finally, the best new album of the year so far came out this week: Nils Frahm’s All Melody (Spotify link).

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