Consumed the week of 5 March, 2018

Above, the exquisite new Apple ad by Spike Jonze. Makes me want to dig out my The Work Of Director Spike Jonze DVD.

“…if technology is a place where we live, a place that we carry around with us, shouldn’t we choose to be in lively and nourishing digital environments? This reasoning should be enough to encourage you to leave the optional digital places that you don’t enjoy.”

That quote is from this essay by the excellent Frank Chimero. It’s called The Good Room and it’s another addition to the ever-growing list of clarion calls to make the Internet a better, more nourishing place. Required reading. (It also links off to Simon Collison’s Internet of Natural Things newsletter which I can also highly recommend).

A brilliant long read from The Huffington Post about Jerry and Marge, the retired couple who worked out how to game the lottery.

Even something as simple as what’s called time affluence, which is just simply feeling like you have time to do stuff. We often think of wealth affluence and think that will make us happy. And sometimes we sacrifice our time to become wealthier but the data suggests [you should] stop. You’re better off keeping time and foregoing financial wealth.

That quote from this interview with Dr. Laurie Santos on ‘how to be happy’ (not as new-agey as it sounds) really struck a chord with me.

“Scale is secondary to grace..”

A beautiful way of framing passion from Craig Mod’s interview with Offscreen magazine. He goes on: “Understanding your scale — the scale that moves you — is critical to understanding with whom and how you should work, how you should live.”

Finished reading this week: A Buyer’s Market (A Dance to the Music of Time #2)

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