Consumed the week of 12 March, 2018

Above, a teaser for the new Gary ‘Helvetica’ Hustwit film about Dieter Rams.

Best read this week: Mr. Plow at 25: How the ‘Simpsons’ Classic Pushed New Boundaries and Helped Cement the Show’s Legacy. Who knew it contained a nod to William Friedkin?

I don’t live in Chicago (or New York), but articles like this one, which argues the case for the exact location of the brilliant Howard Hawks film His Girl Friday make me happy for all sorts of reasons.

The Morning News’ Tournament of Books is back for another year, and is better than ever. Support the ToB and TMN by becoming a member here (and buying some awesome notebooks).

This NY Times article about Google’s anti-competition tactics is enlightening and scary. I still own a Pixel phone but I use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. For more alternatives to ‘big tech’ tools check our Mark Hurst’s blogpost.

Then, of course, there’s the whole Cambridge Analytica mess. My Facebook account is currently ‘deactivated’. Hopefully it will be deleted entirely by next month.

“In a city that lends itself to instances of amnesia, having places that are repositories of memory seems hugely precious.”

That quote (about libraries) is from The Creative Independent‘s interview with the great Adam Gopnik. I read Gopnik’s book At the Strangers’ Gate: Arrivals in New York earlier this year, and can heartily recommend it.

Finally this week: an oral history of Kids in the Hall made me feel all nostalgic for sitting in the dining room of my parents’ house as young teenager (while they watched Wogan or something similar in the front room) watching this subversive, surreal sketch show from Canada.

“I’m crushing your head!”

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