Consumed the week of 19 March, 2018

Above: this weird but beautiful Bafta-nominated animation by Will Anderson, tells the struggle of a looping, animated GIF.

Talking of weird and beautiful, this is a rather nice appreciation of David Lynch by Michael Chabon, in the Paris Review.

Suede’s eponymous debut album holds a massive place in my heart. It’s definitely one of my personal desert island discs and it’s 25 years old this year (!). Over at The Quietus, Jeremy Allen does great job of explaining why it’s such a great record.

Putting users first is not the answer to everything is a Medium article which could have been provocative for provocation’s sake, but is actually a succinct and smart querying of some accepted digital design wisdom.

You’re doing your weekend wrong over at Quartz, breaks down why binging on booze and boxsets is not necessarily the best way to relax. Instead, it’s all about socialising, hobbies, altruism, and play.

The NY Times has a fierce (and well-deserved) evisceration of Jordan Peterson and his odious brand of ‘fascist mysticism’.

And talking of odious: Lionel Shriver on the housing crisis and immigration in The Spectator, should be read but only in a ‘know thy enemy’ way.

On a lighter note: Yes, I am definitely the kind of person who will read an entire article about the history of blue cheese-stuffed olives as a Martini garnish… and enjoy every word.

Finished reading this week: The Acceptance World (A Dance to the Music of Time #3) – still on track to read all twelve by the end of the year.

Watched this week: The Death of Stalin. Not as great as I’d been hoping, but still good.

Last up: the trailer for Under The Silver Lake, the new one from David Robert ‘It Follows’ Mitchell. Looks bonkers, in a good way.

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