Consumed the week of 26 March, 2018

Above: This look behind the scenes of Spike Jonze’s Apple ad is almost good as the ad itself. From the Skype audition to the levers that move the apartment walls and tables. Genius.

How London’s Oldest Family-Run Café Beat Gentrification is a great read from Esquire about E Pellicci over in Bethnal Green.

The Guardian interviews Fran Lebowitz about Trump, Australia and gun ownership. Love that woman.

Why Aren’t You Laughing? is David Sedaris’ latest for The New Yorker.

Also from the Guardian is a long read by someone who interned for Monocle, about why they’re suing the magazine for unpaid wages.

Finished reading this week: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark – brilliant (and terrifying) true crime by Michelle McNamara.

Also: You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life (You Are Raoul Moat). One of the most extraordinary books I’ve read in a long time.

Watched this week: The Disaster Artist. A lot of fun.

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