Consumed the week of 9 April, 2018

I read two very convincing and optimistic article about the potential second coming of RSS this week. This one from Wired, and this one from TechCrunch.

Design Observer is not the place you’d expect to find a moving article about OCD and anxiety. But it’s great and makes you think about the disease in a different way.

Of Stephen King’s list of his ten favourite novels, there’s five I haven’t read. So they’re going on my ‘to read’ list.

Another great article about Donald Glover and Atlanta and ‘the invisibility of black genius’. Loved this quote:

There is another noticeable element that Glover subtly infuses into the show that might make it immune to white applause:

Atlanta doesn’t give a fuck.

When Sartre and Beauvoir Started a Magazine is a great long read (from that is catnip to anyone interested in publishing and the existentialists (i.e. me).

Also this week:

Saw the brilliant Maxine Peake interviewed as part of the Working Class Heroes weekend at the BFI.

Read the short but very memorable So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell.

And also devoured one of those ‘thrillers everyone is talking about’: The Dry by Jane Harper.

And went to the cinema to see the inrcedibly entertaining (and almost unbearably tense) A Quiet Place.

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