Consumed the week of 23 April, 2018

This article from the BBC reports on studies which seem to show that the ‘online echo chamber’ doesn’t exist to the extent that we thought it did. And, even more interestingly, when people are exposed to viewpoints that differ from their own they become more, not less, entrenched in their positions.

A long and exhaustive examination of the Lance Armstrong saga from Deadspin (timely as Armstrong just settled his federal case with US government for $5 million).

“…what made Armstrong’s doping extreme was neither its scope nor its efficacy. What set him apart was the way he exercised his power to abuse teammates and those around him to create the perfect winning machine.”

The New York Times has published unseen pictures from the Summer of 1978, and they’re fantastic.

A loving and thoughtful look at Field Notes and Coudal, both of which I’m longterm fans of (I have the Morning News Tournament of Books edition Field Notes in my bag right now).

The New Yorker profiles Jon Hopkins ahead of his new album, which is due out next month (cannot wait).

Finished reading At Lady Molly’s. Moved on to Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart which was dreadful. I was completely missold this book as ‘a neurosurgeon’s thoughtful take on mindfulness’, but it’s actually a badly written The Secret-esque, new agey collection of dangerous nonsense peddled by a narcissistic and (I suspect) lying tosspot. I hated it. To get rid of that taste I gobbled up Never Mind the first of the Patrick Melrose novels (ahead of them being on the TV with Cumberbatch playing Patrick),

I just finished watching the absolutely brilliant The Alienist on Netflix (another book adaptation). Nothing to do with aliens, everything to do with doing Sherlock ten times better than the Beeb has done in recent years (and I know Netflix have many more $$$ to spend on this stuff, but it also helps to have the trust in your story, characters and actors instead of resorting to gimmicks and fan service.) Haven’t enjoyed TV as much for a long time. Next up: The Terror!

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