**Consumed the week of 30 April, 2018

Above, the incredibly dense video for Donald ‘Childish Gambino’ Glover’s new single This is America.

I mentioned a few weeks back I was reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Michelle McNamara’s brilliant tale of the hunt for the Golden State Killer. Well, they found him! Jordan Gorostiza lived down the road from Joseph James DeAngelo and wrote something on Medium about what that feels like. While Wired wrote something really interesting about the ‘creepy genetics behind the Golden State killer case’.

Best long read of the week by a furlong (that’s a joke): The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code over at Bloomberg. See it as a companion piece to this article from a few weeks ago.

I got a digital subscription to the New York Times this week (it’s along story, but basically I can’t get a physical newspaper delivered on a weekend anymore, so I’m trying out digital subscriptions and the NY Times is great so far). This article about crying at the movies could have been written by me.

And I really enjoyed this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch about his upcoming outing as the titular Patrick Melrose in the adaptation of Edward St. Aubyn’s novels. I read Bad News (the second in the series) last week in a very short space of time – it is extraordinary.

I’m currently reading The Angel of Darkness (the second in the Dr. Laszlo Kreizler series, i.e. the follow up to The Alienist).

The L.A. Times has a nice little interview with Christopher Nolan about his 70mm ‘unrestored version’ of 2001: A Space Odyssey which is being shown in some cinemas this year. It better bloody come to the UK!

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