Consumed the week of 21 May, 2018

Above, the genius that is Stephen King (and yeah, ‘genius’ is the right word, if you disagree then we can’t be friends) talking to Stephen Colbert about Trump and his new book (which I have lined up, right after the May installment of A Dance to the Music of Time). The The Dead Zone reference is spot on, and so is the James Paterson dig.

And, if that’s not enough King for you, how about this from… The Poetry Foundation (you didn’t see that coming did you?) about the great man’s verse.

The history of 21st century authenticity is the history of hipsters and their disappearance….by 2012 it was finally possible to call just about everyone a hipster. The development of the authenticity aesthetic made it possible for the mainstream to participate in the most outwardly visible ritual of hipster behavior: authentic consumption.

Those quotes come from Toby Shorin’s essay on the death of authenticity, probably the trickiest but most valuable thing I’ve read all week.

This short essay on the dialogue in 2001: A Space Odyssey is very good (I saw it just last week, but I can still hardly believe “There are no words spoken for the first 25 minutes of the film nor the last 23.”)

My subscription to the NY Times keeps paying dividends. This week alone I’ve loved: an essay about why drinking at lunchtime is a good thing (which it is), the relationship between US Presidents and mystery writers, this brilliant essay on austerity’s effect on Britian (sad that I have to go to a US newspaper to get a clear-eyed appraisal of the country I live in), and this interview with the stars and writers of the ace Killing Eve.

And finally, I subscribed to ultrabrilliant’s “Little things I ❤ about… “ YouTube series based on this first video on Whiplash.

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