Consumed the week of 11 June (and the week before that), 2018


Had a couple of weeks off updating this blog. It was my birthday, so we took a trip to New York (Manhattan and upstate, up the Hudson river).

In that time I read Some Hope and Mother’s Milk, the third and fourth Patrick Melrose novels (and watched the first three episodes of the TV adaptation, which are really good), Stephen King’s new one The Outsider, and The Bumblebee Flies Anyway: Gardening and Surviving Against the Odds by Kate Bradbury, which actually made me cry! It’s fantastic.

As for films, I watched two great documentaries: The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, and Faces Places; plus Split (why did I not watch this sooner?), and the pretty abysmal Nobody Walks.

And, this weekend, we went to see Laura Linney in My Name is Lucy Barton at The Bridge Theatre (that’s her in the photo above). It’s a 90 minute, uniterrupted monologue and she’s outstanding in it.

Long reads consisted of this New York Magazine article about the rise and… plateauing(?) of Vice and this fantastic article about a guy in his 20s in Australia who realised he could withdraw as much money from his bank account as he wanted, with no penalties.

I usually go to Resident Advisor for record reviews, but their recent article about Tokyo’s audiophile venues is fascinating and not nearly as nerdy as it could have been.

Two articles in praise of things… First up: In praise of an afternoon at the movies (I can relate to this a lot, solo outings to the cinema in the daytime is basically my equivalent of a spa day). And, second: in praise of extreme moderation (the title is ironic, its actually a call for the pursuit of balance).

And finally, the AV Club has a short video essay on the sweeping scene from the latest series of Twin Peaks (if you’ve seen it you’ll know immediately which scene I’m talking about).

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