Consumed the week of 18 June, 2018

Above, an interview with a blind skateboarder. Guaranteed to amaze, and make you feel bad for ever complaining about anything.

Long reads this week:

This (very) long read about The Death of New York City is brilliant from start to finish and is well worth about 30 minutes your time. Having just come back from NYC it resonated with me, and (once again) you could replace the words ‘New York’ with ‘London’ and most of the thing would make complete sense. Deeply sad and worrying.

From the sublime, to the ridiculous figure that is Johnny Depp. This scorching and unflinching interview with the actor from Rolling Stone about his money (or lack of it), family, legal troubles and what seems to be the sputtering death of his career is car crash journalism at its best (and I say that as someone who rates Ed Wood as one of his favourite films of all time).

This article from The Atlantic about the intention economy and television formats is very good. Got me thinking about which shows are ‘sofa’ and which are ‘phone’.

As always, Craig Mod’s latest instalment regarding Japan and identity is a great read. It also pointed me to this short documentary which is heartbreaking and beautiful:

Who knew that an ‘investment service’ could create such a fascinating interview with Brian ‘Paper Boi’ Tyree Henry (it’s all about money, obviously)?

And, The Affair came back for a new season this past week. If you’re a fan then this interview with it’s showrunner should interest you.

Watched this week: Game Night (I know, but it has Sharon Horgan in it!). And the fab, six minute short film Cake, starring the awesome Maxine Peake.

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