Consumed the week of 9 July

Above, the brilliant video for Max Richter’s rereleased On The Nature Of Daylight starring Elisabeth Moss, who can do more with her eyes the most people can do with their entire body.

Most potentially controversial long read of the week: In Defence of Men from the Spiked ‘sex special’ (tears shreds from Robert Web’s recent memoir, How Not To Be A Boy).

I haven’t seen the film yet, but this interview with the screenwriter of Ready Player One from Den of Geek has some interesting things to say about ‘toxic fan culture’.

Talking of films, this article on Longreads by Sara Benincasa is a great collection of her favourite movie reviews of films she’s never seen.

Favourite long read of the week is this from the Hollywood Reporter on the Con Queen of Hollywood, a “crazy evil genius” who is impersonating some of the most powerful women in entertainment.

Been on a bit of a podcast tear recently. New addictions include, The Losers’ Club, A Stephen King Podcast, which attacks each of King’s novelist in sequence; Gizmodo’s The Gateway about new age spiritual guru and social media star Teal Swan; and DJ Shadow’s Find, Share, Rewind show.

Read this week: the brilliant, evocative and slightly terrifying graphic novel Sabrina (here’s an interview with it’s creator Nick Drnaso).

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