Consumed the week of 30 July

I completed the National Three Peaks Challenge this weekend. That’s the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, in 24 hours! I am a broken man, but very happy to have done it (that’s my shot from the top of Snowden, above).

As for the usual stuff, let’s get the obvious long read out of the way first: if you haven’t read that article about the ex-cop who rigged the McDonalds Monopoly game then you really need to (especially before the film comes out).

This short article by Jason Fried (of Basecamp) on mistakes and Navajo rugs is not nearly as new-age and annoying as I just made it sound.

From the NY Times comes a fascinating look at how Google Maps is influencing the way we name our neighbourhoods.

And, again from the NY Times, is this beautiful lament for the Impolite Pleasure of People-Watching accompanied by some great street photography.

This article by a GQ journalist who asked 40 of his friends to rate him, Uber-style, is entertaining, but there’s a horrifying sense of inevitability to it as well.

And finally, This is a very strange but compelling article about a Texas waterpark and it’s 168 feet high (higher than Niagra Falls) slide that decapitated an 11 year old boy.

Started reading: A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings by Helen Jukes.

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