Consumed the week of 6 August

Above, Joe Manganiello and Stephen Colbert discuss ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ for nine minutes on late night TV. Now, that’s television!

My favourite long read of the week by quite a margin: Every Mission is a Suicide Mission, the story of a pro-level Galaga tournament. Very welcome echoes of King of Kong.

Coming in second, is Tokyo’s Long Lines Lead to Magic (and Life-Changing Ramen), a story about queueing and patience and reward in Japan.

And then there’s the incredibly sad story of American couple Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, who went on a cycle trip around the world only to be mown down by ISIS militants on a road in in southwestern Tajikistan.

I watched a bunch of films this week, mainly because Nina is abroad with work and I’m bored. By far the most exciting was the chance to see the new Mission Impossible film in the cinema. I grinned the whole way through it.

I also watched Like Father and I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore on Netflix. Both just okay.

Started reading listening to: The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves, by Stephen Grosz.


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