Consumed the week of 13 and 20 August, 2018

Consolidating two weeks into one post here because I was on holiday in Greece this past week (Santorini is beautiful by the way). A whole week of doing nothing but sitting in the sunshine, reading, eating, drinking and talking to my wife. It was fantastic.

Here’s what I read while I was gone:

I finished David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries (the video above comes from Byrne’s YouTube channel and is one of the most uplifting things you’ll watch all week, I promise).

I read the eighth volume of A Dance to the Music of Time (The Soldier’s Art), so I’m still on track to read all 12 by the end of the year.

I read the epic Gnomon by Nick Harkaway, which I received as a Christmas present but have been waiting for the right time to read an 800 page hardback uninterrupted. I really liked it (Pynchon meets Eco meets Auster meets Danielewski… on acid etc)

I finished the classic Lost Horizon by James Hilton in a single day (it’s pretty short). A recommendation from the great Backlisted podcast. Now I have to go watch the 1937 Frank Capra movie.

And I started Swan Song by Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott (a fictionalised version of the later years of Truman Capote’s life).

As for films, before I left to go on holiday I was lucky enough to see Mark Cousins’ new one The Eyes of Orson Welles at the BFI, with a Q&A with the director. I really enjoyed it, and the whole thing renewed my love for Mark Cousins’ worth ethic, his enthusiasm, and his idiosyncratic view of the world.

I also watched The Commuter, but the real mystery at the heart of that movie is what the hell is going on with the colour of Liam Neeson’s hair.

To finish off this week, the strange, violent and pretty great video for Jack White’s Corporation.

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