Consumed the Week of 1 October, 2018

Above, Drew Christie‘s short New York Times ‘op-doc’ Allergy To Originality.

Two comic book greats died this past week; one who I was pretty familiar with, the other not so much. The name I wasn’t so familiar with was Norm Breyfogle. I heard about his death through Robin Sloan’s email newsletter Primes (only sent out on dates that are prime numbers). Sloan writes about Breyfogle: “In a Breyfogle comic, characters lived in a world of lines. His line wasn’t a representation of some deeper, higher-resolution reality; it WAS reality, the base level.

Here’s an amazing example.

The other name, which I was much more familiar with (thanks to a an entire childhood reading 200AD), was Carlos Ezquerra. Ezquerra was the co-creator of Judge Dredd, but it was his character Strontium Dog that sealed him a bona fide genius in my mind. His strange but beautiful style bended my pre-teen mind in the best way possible.

Best long read of the week was probably Instagram Poetry Is A Huckster’s Paradise from The Huffington Post. Even if you don’t give two shits about Instagram or poetry, this is a great read.

Also good, but also sad in its way, was The Verge‘s investigation into why Telltale Games shut down.

The Huffington Post also published a piece called No Lie: James Frey Still Sucks this week, and I have to say, after reading his new one Katerina this week, I have to agree. On one level Frey is the Fruit Loops of literature: fast, cheap, sugar-laden and wrong in so many ways that you feel guilty after demolishing it so quickly. But it had its place. But with his new one Frey’s misogyny and narcissism come roaring to the fore (at possibly the worst time, culturally) and it’s difficult to get rid of the taste in your mouth.

Film wise this week I caught up on a couple of pop culture nuggets, First, Ready Player One: not what you want from Spielberg, or form the source material; badly paced, lacking in heart and not nearly as entertaining as it should be (the best but was The Shining sequence).

Second was Ant Man and The Wasp: the best kind of popcorn nonsense, has none of the baggage RP1 has, so you just roll with the nonsense and have a laugh along the way.

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