Consumed week of 8 October, 2018

Above, an image from Maisie Marshall’s photo series on the world of British rodeo.

I don’t track my TV consumption on here (just because there’s quite a bit of it, and I’m not Stephen Soderbergh) but recently I”ve really enjoyed Better Call Saul and Lodge 49. Here’s an article from the Guardian on why Better Call Saul is superior to Breaking Bad (which is correct), and here’s an interview with the makers of Lodge 49 about why its pacing and its storytelling are so unusual and successful.

The New Statesman has a lovely record of a conversation between Clive James, Tom Stoppard and Julian Barnes at the party to celebrate the release of James’ new book.

Again from the Guardian: Oliver Burkeman asks, is the secret of productivity really just doing what you enjoy?

Over on Medium, one of my favourite cultural commentators, Douglas Rushkoff, makes the case for Universal Basic Income being a Silicon Valley scam:

Instead of asking the government to make up the difference for unlivable wages, what about making one’s workers the owners of the company? Instead of kicking over additional, say, 10% in tax for a government UBI fund, how about offering a 10% stake in the company to the people who supply the labor?

This Twitter thread by Tim Dunn on the Wapping Hydraulic Pumping Station (which closed in 1977) is a reminder that Twitter can be a delightful and fascinating place to be.

No films watched this week, but I did read the first two Harry Stubbs books by David Hambling (pulpy Lovecrat-adjacent stories set in my part of South East London).

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