Consumed week of 22 October, 2018

Photo above, from the newly-released trove of 130,000 Andy Warhol photographs now available online, courtesy of Stanford University (yes, I think I’ve posted a shot from this Capote/Warhol photoshoot before, but why wouldn’t you post it every chance you get?).

True crime long read of the week: How the Great California Dispensary Heist Went Horrifically Wrong, from (warning, what happened to this poor guy is pretty horrible).

I watched Dennis Hopper’s notorious Easy Rider follow up The Last Movie last year after tracking it down online. It’s finally getting a proper release in November, and Esquire have an essay on its troubled and insane creation.

Read quite a few work-related articles this week. This one from Greg Satell on Medium on why Innovation Isn’t About Ideas (I don’t normally read Medium stuff with self-help titles like that, but this one is not too hokey), and the same goes for It’s Okay to Be Good and Not Great by Brad Stulberg over at Outside Online.

Probably the best of them is Hemingway, a Lost Suitcase, and the Recipe for Stupidity from a site called Farnam Street, I hadn’t heard of it it before, and I hadn’t heard the Hemingway ‘lost stories’ anecdote it’s based on before either.

There’s a lot of ‘social media scare stories’ out there, but this very personal essay from Eve Peyser at on what she learned growing up online is very telling and a little depressing.

Still reading the brilliant Picnic Comma Lightning, by Laurence Scott (about halfway through). Also this week we went to see I’m Not Running, David Hare’s new one at The National Theatre. It’s good, (not Skylight great), and the best performance in it is definitely by Joshua McGuire (the curly-haired one from Lovesick).

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