Consumed the month of November, 2018

I don’t know… You spend over a year updating your blog with (almost) weekly posts, then it gets to November and you miss two weeks in a row!

Not sure why I haven’t got to this for a few weeks. It’s been busy at work, that’s for sure, but not unmanageably busy. One reason might be that I haven’t been consuming quite as much. I’m in one of those dips where all I can seem to digest is lightweight Netflix series (Atypical being a good example), so there’s not been an awful lot to report.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

Definitely the highlight of my month (so far*) was the Good Grief Charlie Brown! exhibition at Somerset House. It’s just a hugely enjoyable, funny, touching and downright daft place to be, and it has the best gift shop you will ever encounter. I had a great time visiting it with my brother (as you can tell from the photo above) and I would encourage everybody to go and see it.

Why are Humans Getting Better at Tetris? might sound like dumb clickbait, but it’s actually a really interesting little video essay about what happens when masses of individuals stop trying to crack a problem and a smaller dedicated group takes over,  working together and sharing tips.

I did read a couple of books this month. I polished off Alien Stars, another South East London-set pulpy adventure starring Harry Stubbs. And, of course, I read November’s instalment of A Dance to the Music of Time, Temporary Kings (which was fantastic, it gets better as it goes along). Just one more to go now. I’ll miss it once it’s over.

The only film I watched this month was the great Orson Welles documentary (my second of the year!) They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (it’s on Netflix as an accompaniment to the last Welles film The Other Side of the Wind, which I’ve yet to watch).

*I’m seeing the Beastie Boys next week!

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