Consumed the week of 26 November, 2018

Above, Ad-rock of the Beastie Boys, on stage at Kentish Town Forum as part of their book tour. I spent a very entertaining evening watching him and Mike D talk about their careers. 

Unfortunately the magician Ricky Jay died this week. I remember watching him on late night TV shows in my childhood (I’d tape these weird magic shows that were on in the early hours of the morning on BBC2 and Channel 4), and then later on seeing him in Deadwood and various David Mamet films. Vulture has a good collection of some of his best tricks, including this 2002 Conan O”Brien appearance:

Best long read of the week was this epic profile of Bruce Springsteen in Esquire, where The Boss talks very openly about his depression and his father.

Just a couple of other things this week: I finally got round to watching American Animals and really liked it (had to watch some scenes through my fingers though).

And, to get us all in the Xmas spirit, here’s a playlist of eclectic festive music, curated by the glorious David Byrne:

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