Consumed the week of 14 January, 2019

There’s two very distinct themes in my media consumption this week. One theme (as you might have guessed from the clip above) is The Sopranos. My favourite TV series of all time (yes, it’s far superior to The Wire, West Wing and Breaking Bad… don’t @ me) is 20 years old this month, so there’s a lot out there to consume.

The clip of the series finale comes from Esquire‘s 15 Moments That Made ‘The Sopranos’ The Greatest Show Of All Time (it came in at number two), meanwhile the NY Times has a predictably grumpy interview with David Chase, and The Cut asked its writers to name the small Sopranos moments that had stuck with them all this time.

The second theme is a recurring one: modern social media Vs the blogosphere. Jason Kottke has a good, and relatively balanced post on how we might change social networks for the better, while Vice dedicated an episode of their podcast to the argument that Facebook should be replaced by a network of personal websites.

Sticking with the web… I saw someone at work reading Bob Hoffman’s book last year and my hackles were immediately raised (something about the snarky tone and the shit design of the book itself just put me on edge), but damn if this isn’t a good dissection of why targeted advertising isn’t a good way to build brand affinity.

Elsewhere Kayleigh Donaldson’s thorough and thoughtful take down of ‘influencer’ Caroline Calloway and her Creativity Workshop Tour was absolutely fascinating.

It reminded me so much of the TanaCon debacle from last year, and of course the most recent and high profile example of privileged, arrogant clusterfuckery: the Fyre festival (the Netflix doc is the best kind of car crash TV).

Another doc that I need to seek out is The Raft, the story of a 70s science project that “descended into violent chaos”. The Guardian article Mutiny on the Sex Raft is a really good introduction to the hole bizarre story.

Finally this week, a couple of podcasts I enjoyed this week: Reply All on Harry Potter and internet trolls. And Futility Closet on the Halifax Explosion.

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