Consumed the week of 4 February, 2019

Above is Purl, a new animated short from Pixar about a ball of wool that starts a new job at B.R.O. Capital and “quickly feels out of place among all the men in suits”.

Talking of childish delights… Cookie Monster did a Reddit AMA this week, and it was predictably brilliant. Kottke has a great summary of the best bits, including:

Q: We know cookies are your favourite food. What is your second favourite food?
A: Can me say more cookies…?
A2: Me thought it over. Definitely “more cookies.”

I didn’t do a lot of article reading this week, but I did devour this fantastic New Yorker article about thriller writer, and apparent compulsive liar, Dan Mallory.

I haven’t read Mallory’s book The Woman in the Window, and I’m not likely to now. But this week I did finish listening to Bruce Daisley read his book The Joy of Work, which deservedly topped the Sunday Times business book list.

I did read a couple of slightly nerdy/work-related things about Spotify‘s acquisition of Gimlet Media. First this frank and informative Q&A with Gimlet’s Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber, and second, Ben Thomson’s analysis of the deal for his Stratechery site.

Also this week, a friend introduced me to the brilliant (if a bit stressful) board game Magic Maze (definitely considering buying myself this one), and I watched the Oscar-nominated documentary Minding the Gap (the director is 24 years old!).

And finally for this week, here’s a nice peak behind the scenes of that Spike Jonze-directed, Idris Elba-starring Squarespace ad:

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