Consumed the week of 11 February, 2019

This week I drank a few pints of white chocolate, strawberry gelato beer (which also includes chilli and basil) and it was actually really good.

I spent the weekend up in Manchester (Stockport, actually) which gave me the chance to draw monster comics with my nephew (I expect my creation, Cheesezilla to be optioned by Marvel very soon), as well as some train time to watch Stephen Soderbergh’s new one, High Flying Bird (shot on entirely in iPhone and starring the fantastic Andre Holland).

I’m almost finished with Gary Shteyngart’s novel, Lake Success which was on quite a few people’s ‘best of’ lists at the end of 2018. It’s going to have to really pull it out of the bag in the last 50 pages or so for me to remember it at the end of 2019 (it’s good, but not great).

The best thing I saw on the internet this week was, a beautifully designed celebration of the director’s life and work. Coincidentally, tickets just went on sale for Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition opening at the Design Museum in April. I will be there.

I haven’t got into the habit of using newsletter app Stoop yet, (maybe because I don’t normally read things that require more than a little bit of attention on my phone), but Craig Mod’s smart essay on the rise of the newsletter is great and has some good suggestions for new subscriptions.

I’ve been listening to the Electric Lady Sessions album by LCD Soundsystem as well as Laurie Spiegel’s Expanding Universe, and the follow up Unseen Worlds.

Below, the ‘making of’ video for that recent Spike Jonze/Idris Elba Squarespace ad (yes I’m a Spike Jonze fanboy, so sue me):

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