Consumed the week of 4 and 11 of March, 2019

Above: ‘Funny video of high school student calling his teachers by their first names’. That’s all you need to know really.

I missed last week just because I had a bunch of stuff on and didn’t have a lot of time to get any of this down. My wife was away in the US with work so I’ve been keeping myself busy/distracted, which means catching up with friends, eating and drinking out a little too much and discovering the delights of Mario Versus Rabbids on the Nintendo Switch.

Talking of video games… By far my favourite read of the week was Pac-Man: The Untold Story of How We Really Played The Game about how the particular pattern of wear on the sides of Pac-Man machines arises from the nature of the game.

Fantasy’s Widow: The Fight Over The Legacy Of Dungeons & Dragons is a slightly depressing long read from Kotaku about the paranoia, uncertainty and shitty behaviour that inevitably occurs when a creator leaves behind a much-loved and potentially lucrative intellectual property.

One of the things I did this week was to play poker with friends. I haven’t done that in years and it was a lot of fun. Coincidentally, I also read The End of Poker Night, Mindy Greenstein’s memoir about her Jewish parent’s poker habit.

For Theranos nerds: How a broken patent system sustained its decade-long deception is a short, eye-opening read about how patent submissions (in the U.S. at least) don’t really need to actually work in order to be granted.

Probably the most necessary read of the month is The World Wide Web Turns 30. Where Does It Go From Here? by Tim Berners-Lee. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

Not as urgent, but still really interesting, Steven Spielberg Has Picked The Wrong Way To Argue Against Netflix from Digg is a good breakdown of the Hollywood spat.

Best visuals of the week goes to An Interview with Pascal Blanche from Sci-Fi-O-Rama.

A quick but of music to leave you with: Lissie covering Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

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