Consumed the weeks of 18 March and 25 April

Been stuck in a slight rut recently, that’s why no week notes last week.

I finished the book I was reading: The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge and even though I quite enjoyed the first 100 pages, it was a slog to get to the finish and there’s nothing like a dispiriting read to make you think twice about picking up another book.

I pushed through though and read some quick nonfiction: The Worst Is Yet To Come – A Post-Capitalist Survival Guide, by Peter Fleming which was snappy and acerbic and fun.

So sticking with non-fiction for the time being, and just started on I Am Dynamite!, Sue Prideaux’s biography of Nietzsche.

Similarly, films have taken a bit of a back seat recently, but I am halfway through watching Unsane (Stephen Soderbergh, with Claire Foy) which is great, but is creeping the hell out of me.

I did just watch this 20 minute documentary short about dishwashers though. It’s lovely.

Also, this short film following skaters around an abandoned wool factory is hypnotic. I could honestly watch it on a loop for hours.

Hey, do you fancy yet another article about the old days of the internet and how it’s go shit since then and why can’t we just go back to the good old days when all this was all fields? Course you do! Actually this article on Flickr versus Instagram is a well-balanced and nicely though through.

I did do some things these past couple of weeks. I went visit the tiny but great Staging Magic exhibition at Senate House Library (worth it just go to inside a library, they are instantly calming places). And I visited Mark Wallinger’s World Turned Upside Down sculpture in the grounds of the LSE.

It was also my wedding anniversary (13 years!) and we saw Sharon van Etten in concert at the Roundhouse.

Here’s a nice, chilled album to ease you through the week.

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