Consumed the week of 15 April, 2019

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Slightly late update this week because of the bank holiday. We had a slightly extended break, as we went to Seville over Easter. When we booked it we didn’t realise that ‘holy week’ in Seville is kind of a big deal, but really glad we were there to witness the Penitents parading through the streets, even if those costumes are a little unsettling at times.

Also the food is amazing. Highlights were the ravioli at Condendê in the old market, and (never thought I’d type this) the ‘KFC’ battered cauliflower at Bar Antojo.

I had to leave Neitzsche at home over Easter (too big for a carry on bag), but that meant I was able to get stuck into Jenny Odell’s How To Do Nothing, which is absolutely brilliant (I have about 50 pages left to go). Here’s a Longreads article about the book if you need convincing.

My favourite video of the week? Definitely this one:

My favourite news story of the week? Definitely this one.

I have been reading Jeffery Zeldman since I really started ‘reading’ the internet, so his recent essay Nothing Fails Like Success really rang true with me:

It’s too late for current internet businesses (victims of their own success) that are mortgaged to the hilt in investor gelt. But could the next generation of internet startups learn from older, stable companies like Basecamp, and design products that pay for themselves via customer income—products that profit slowly and sustainably, allowing them to scale up in a similarly slow, sustainable fashion?

As a result I’ve started dabbling with So far I’m very impressed with it.

I’ve got tickets for the Stanley Kubrick exhibition which opens in London soon. This It’s Nice That article on Kubrick and his obsessiveness is a good read.

For music this week, this accompanied my siestas while in Spain:

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