Consumed the week of 6 May, 2019

Above: an interesting 20 minute documentary about Subvertisers for London, found via the brilliant Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives.

The other video which really stayed with me this week (and may have made me cry a little bit), is How Autism Feels, From the Inside from the NY Times:

A couple of ‘How…’ articles this week. The first is How a poker expert made his fortune — one cent at a time; and the second is How Cults Corrected America (actually a book review from the New Yorker).

Other long-ish reads this week:

The Night John Belushi Died from the Hollywood Reporter is interesting… but actually pretty depressing and downright sad.

While, The Enduring Myth of a Lost Live Iggy and the Stooges Album is veeeerrrrry long (maybe little too long) but ultimately fascinating (as these deep dives into subcultures tend to be… I think).

The most feel good read of the week was definitely And now, a nice story about the kid who yelled “wow!” at the symphony from the AV Club (which I am a huge fan of and don’t link to often enough on this blog considering how much I read it).

The most personal read of the week (both from the author’s perspective and mine, as I know the author a little), was Will Wiles’ Confessions of an Alcoholic from Saturday’s Guardian (cannot wait to read Plume).

The opinion I most agree with this week? Go To The Movies In The Morning.

Federico Borella was named Photographer of the Year this week for his series on climate change in India. Just look at this photo!

Not a whole lot of new music to link to this week, mainly because I’m obsessed with the new Vampire Weekend album. But VW’s Ezra Koenig does have a great radio show that you can listen to even if you don’t subscribe to Beats Radio (which I don’t).

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