Consumed the week of 13 May, 2019

I haven’t done an awful lot of reading this week. To be fair, I haven’t done an awful lot of reading this year. Definitely not compared to last year.

I have been listening to a lot more music however. I spent a bit of money getting myself a new turntable, amp and speakers earlier this year and it’s been a massive pleasure playing old records and hearing them in an entirely new way.

This week has all been about Talking Heads, Steely Dan and The Modern Lovers. Plus I’m still obsessed by the new Vampire Weekend album, Father of the Bride, which I picked up on lovely double orange vinyl.

I went to the Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum this week. They have some amazing props and other artefacts there. Kubrick’s notebooks and annotated books are especially fascinating I think (although you’re better off watching Jon Ronson’s documentary Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes if you get off on that type of thing). I couldn’t help feeling though that the whole thing was a little flat and unimaginative. It didn’t feel as trippy, or provocative or as detailed as Kubrick’s films. It felt more like a greatest hits package.

I did watch a couple of films this week. First Robert Redford’s ‘last film’ (even though he pops up in Endgame), The Old Man and the Gun. It’s one of those gently rolling films, best experienced on a Sunday sofa session where you can let Redford’s charisma (and Sissy Spacek’s) just wash over you.

I also finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse which is mind-blowingly good. The creativity, the storytelling, the sheer joy of every frame. It’s something I’d watch again tomorrow and recommend to everyone whether they have kids and/or like ‘superhero films’.

I half read quite a few articles this week. Long, rambling features about Michel Foucault taking acid, or Adam Gopnik’s new book on liberalism… but I lost patience with them and so read an interview with Shinya Hasegawa, the founder of the fashion label Battenwear instead.

I followed that up with this article about the ‘Let People Enjoy Things’ meme, which I was all ready to disagree with but which won me over.

Music highlight of the week is the new one by Fort Romeau:

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