Consumed the week of 10 June, 2019

Above, a video which should probably be titles ‘Idiot interviewers ask idiot questions to Debbie Harry’. I’d like to think these kind of interrogations are a thing of the past… but I doubt it.

I haven’t read many articles this week, but I have read two books. I finished The Heavens by Sandra Newman (“From their first meeting, Ben knows Kate is unworldly and fanciful, so at first he isn’t that concerned when she tells him about the recurring dream she’s had since childhood. In the dream, she’s transported to the past, where she lives a second life as Emilia, the mistress of a nobleman in Elizabethan England.”). Think I heard it reviewed on the radio (Radio 4’s Front Row probably) and was intrigued enough to put it on my ‘To Read’ list.

I also read The Parakeeting of London, An Adventure in Gonzo Ornithology by Nick Hunt and Tim Mitchell, which is one of the most joyous and interesting and fun (and quick) books I’ve read for a long time. I really liked it.

I finally got round to watching Captain Marvel, which was… ok I guess. So many of these Marvel movies leave me non-plussed. I think you maybe need to see them in a cinema to really appreciate them.

At the other end of the cinematic spectrum I watched A Poem is a Naked Person, Les Blank’s first documentary about musician Leon Russell. It’s rambling and loose and flawed, but also weirdly beautiful.

Music-wise this week it has to be the video for Robyn’s track Ever Again which I must have watched five times in the space of 24 hours, and which has put a huge stupid grin on my face every time. I love this woman.

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