Consumed the week of 17 June, 2019

I read two books this week, thank mainly to one of those books being very short. As well as being very short, The Parakeeting of London is very entertaining and fun. In it gonzo ornithologists Nick Hunt and Tim Mitchell “track the progress of the parakeets from park to cemetery to riverbank, meeting Londoners from all walks of life who share their thoughts, opinions and theories on these incongruous avian invaders.” Highly recommended.

The other book I ripped through this week was Bluff a card sharp/magician thriller that is very well put together and dying to be made into a film. I would definitely read more Michael Kardos based on this one.

Talking of poker, I came across a reference to this article from 2016 about ‘high end poker cheating devices’ i.e. doctored phones that can ‘read’ the side of face down marked cards and tell the user which hand is winning almost in real time. I imagine they’re even more sophisticated in 2019.

I didn’t watch any films this week, but I did add a few to my ‘to watch’ thanks to A.V. Club‘s best films of 2019 so far list. Although they do have Under The Silver Lake on there. That’s just wrong.

I mentioned my love of Robyn last week, so this article form NPR’s American Anthem’s series, praising the brilliance of her Dancing On My Own was very well timed.

Another week, another true crime long read. This time its’ a Postmodern Murder Mystery about a detective who suspects of an author of committing a murder similar to the one he describes in his novel.

The other long read of the week was Prospect magazine on the problem with authenticity.

Music for the week is the new single from the great !!!.

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