Consumed the week of 1 July, 2019

Very short update this week, mainly because for half of the week I was residing in the ‘shepherd’s hut’ pictured above, in the middle of the Surrey Hills. I rode the 30 or so miles to get there on my bike, and spent my time walking around the area, eating bread and cheese and drinking the local beer. I had a great time!

While I was there I started in on Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, William Finnegan’s surfing memoir. I have surfed precisely once in my life, enough to know that I wasn’t a natural at the sport… let’s leave it at that. But I am bloody good at reading about it and this is a very easy but vivid and sometimes beautiful read so far.

My favourite thing I watched this week was Kate Isobel Scott’s minute-long animation about what you might miss if you stare at your phone on the tube.

But I also watched Gloria Bell, in which Julianne Moore dances, smokes weed, and shoots people with a paintgun.

I only managed one long read this week, and that was this article from the Baffler about the fluctuations in the art market and specifically about why abstract expressionism is falling out of fashion right now.

Musical treat this week is some ambient loveliness from Tom Adams.

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