Consumed the week of 8 July, 2019

Loads to get through this week so let’s dive right in…

That video above is from the YouTube channel Veratisium and it goes into brilliant detail about how YouTube works. Fascinating stuff.

Coincidentally, the sam day I watched that, I also listened to the most recent episode of Reply All, which also looks at YouTube’s algorithm and the effect it has on our behaviours.

I haven’t watched any of The Toys That Made Us on Netflix but this short article goes into the weird, accidental history of  He-Man’s Battle Cat and how he is “a metaphor for digital product development”.

Over at Popula they’re talkng about Cory Doctorow’s arguments and worries about digital books and why Paper Books Can’t Be Shut Off from Afar.

Loving the fact that Jarvis Cocker and Jeremy Deller have joined forces for a new National Trust art trail.

A couple of long reads about health and illness etc this week.

First was The Reappearing Act from Longreads, which is mainly about knife throwing.

Also, I have had Drew Magary’s essay about his “freakish brain hemorrhage” on my to-read list for nearly three months now. The reason it took so long to read it was my wife suffered a traumatic brain injury a couple of years ago (she is fully recovered now, thanks for asking) and I wasn’t sure I was up to reading about it. But I was, and I’m glad I did.

Complete change of course now: an article about Tom Stoppard’s work on the script of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and what that can teach storywriters.

Last article this week is this Frank Chimero interview about “causing ‘good trouble’ and re-imagining the status quo to combat achievement culture”.

Music-wise this week, I’m enjoying the new one from Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Mattiel:

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