Consumed the week of 26 August, 2019

I’m still not reading a lot at the moment. Been a few weeks now where I’ve spent more time listening to music and watching films than I have reading articles or books.

I did finish The Lost Man, by Jane Harper who also wrote another Australian outback thriller The Dry (which I read last year).

And I’m about halfway through Robin, the enormous Robin Wiliams biography by Dave Itzkoff (it’s so enormous I can’t carry it around with me, so it’s strictly a bedtime book).

I also managed to get to the Prince Charles Cinema (of which I’m now a lifetime member, and if you live in London and you like films then you should consider becoming one too, it’s only £50!) to watch the documentary Memory: The Origins of Alien. Here’s the trailer:

Still on a bit of a cult classic kick, I watched Hard Times directed by William Hill and starring Charles Bronson as a street fighter; and Godard’s Band of Outsiders (aka Bande à part) which I’ve shamefully never watched. Here’s the dance sequence to cheer up your day:

Talking of classic films, this post from the Mubi blog about the evolution of the poster for Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero (and the business of marketing movies) is a brilliant read (that’s the Criterion DVD cover design at the top of this post).

And a relaxing, meditative long read for you: The Glorious, Almost-Disconnected Boredom of My Walk in Japan by Craig Mod, from Wired.

Finally for this week, here’s some of my favourite music from the past few months (some brand new, some newly discovered):

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