Consumed the week of 2 September, 2019

This famous photo of two people wrapped up in a duvet in the middle of Woodstock was taken by the amazingly-named Burk Uzzle. Longreads interviewed him about his life, his work and that particular image.

I will read anything about Charles Schulz, so this article that asks Did Schulz Really Write ‘Peanuts’ for Kids? made me very happy.

Talking of dogs (kind of), we are now registered for adoption at Battersea Dogs Home! Watch this space for canine-related updates.

The Crane Wife from the Paris Review, is an essay about love and relationships and wildlife and all sorts of things.

Takashi Murakami is probably one of my favourite living artists. CNN interviewed him about the influences that shaped his artistic identity.

I am one of the last Internet innocents apparently, i.e. I was born in a pre-Internet age. In her Guardian essay Innocence Lost, Leak McLaren (who must be about my age and who also has a great name) asks ‘What did you do before the internet?’.

On Friday night, Nina and I finally got round to watching Wild Rose, directed by Tom Harper and starring the incredible Jessie Buckley. I thought it was brilliant.

I have just started reading Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.

I’m really enjoying the second season of Lodge 49 right now. Here’s a playlist someone has made of the music from the show.

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