Consumed the week of 2 December, 2019

A few music-related things to kick off this week.

First, one of my all-time favourite artist, DJ Shadow has a new album out so he’s being doing the rounds, talking to Billboard about the Universal Music Fire Losses and Why It’s a ‘Pathetic Age’, and to The Ringer about why he’s still breaking new ground.

Then there’s this GQ oral history of Suede’s second album Dog Man Star. Oh, Bernard, why did you have to leave?

Gong to talk politics for two seconds. There is a general election this week after all.

First Pankaj Mishra writes brilliantly about nationalism and the election for the Guardian: England’s Last Roar.

Second, the ever-interesting Douglas Rushkoff examines why “the hippies’ effort to destabilize the American dream may have worked too well” in an article entitled Operation Mindfuck 2.0.

Elsewhere The Cut examines why Ketamine is the drug of choice for our dissociated moment: A Party Drug for the End of the World.

While Boing Boing gets Inside Alan Moore’s Head with the help of some YouTube videos (and, Watchmen just gets better with every episode)

Jason Kottke writes about The Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter (something that definitely seems to effect me more as I get older I think), explains why The Secret to More Refreshing Weekends Is the Exact Opposite of What You’d Expect (excuse the click-baity headline) and mathematician Dan Rockmore explores The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas in The New Yorker.

New film watched this week: Hustlers (nicely shot and some great performances, but not quite enough plot to sustain it).

Old film watched this week: Times Square. An interesting cultural curio but the soundtrack is better than the movie (couple of great dance sequences though, see above).

Classic film I read about his week: Why Clerks Still Works.

Finally, It’s that time of year again: 52 things I learned in 2019.

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