Week notes 2020-03

  • That’s Buster. Isn’t he great?
  • One thing no one mentioned about getting a dog, is how much it calms you down. I mean, maybe they did mention that (there’s a lot of talk about how pets are good for your mental health generally) but the thing I’ve noticed in the one week we’ve been dog owners is how our movements and our speech and our demeanour have shifted into this calm, soothing register (most of the time). I think part of it has to do with Buster being a rescue dog who has obviously been through some shit times in the past, and us trying not to spook or upset him.
  • There’s that of course, and then also the fact that you have another living thing around you that you have to dedicate your attention and focus to, and therefore away from your own petty shit.
  • I realise that all the parents reading this will be going, “Well, duh!”.
  • In the time I’ve not been doting over Buster I’ve mainly been readng. I finished Little Faith in just a few days. It’s beautifully written and very moving and I took a lot away from it.
  • I also finished The Art of Noticing (subtitled 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday), which I actually started reading before the end of the year, but it’s one of those ‘dip in, dip out’ books so it’s allowed. I highlighted quite a few bits that I hope to revisit throughout the year.
  • Believe it or not, I’m now reading E.B. White on Dogs (my brother bought it me for Chtistmas, we knew a dog was on its way to us at that point).
  • Just one film this week; the classic 1945 Gothic horror/noir-murder-mystery The Spiral Staircase (as recommended by The Pure CInema Podcast). I’m really enjoying these old horror-ish films a the moment. Not sure why. There’s just something about that quaint, black and white look and the clipped accents and the style of the clothes… mixed with gruesome deaths, that really appeals to me.
  • For your listening pleasure this week: there’s still a few days to listen to DJ Shadow’s great New Year’s Day set on Radio 1.

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