Week notes 2020-07

  • Above, LIFT, a film by Marc Isaacs, “who set himself up in a London elevator and slowly wins the trust of the residents, creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community.” I adore films like this.
  • Nina has left for the States with work. She’s gone for nearly two weeks, so it’s just me and Buster left to entertain ourselves for a fortnight. I am lining up friends to meet at the pub (most of whom want to see Buster more than they want to see me I suspect).
  • I am just getting used to dog/pub/cafe politics and etiquette. My favourite person this week was the guy at post office when I went to pick up a parcel. He waved Buster in and declared he was ‘nicer than most of the people we get in here’. All my postman/dog stereotypes have now gone out the window.
  • I started my ‘watching stuff Nina won’t care about’ with one of those cult classics that’s been on my ‘should watch’ list for a while: Two Lane Blacktop. It’s Dennis ‘Beach Boys’ Wilson and James Taylor revving around the States, being hip and existential. I liked it. but it’s no Easy Rider.
  • Over at Esquire Macaulay Culkin Is Ready to Answer All the Questions You Have About Him.
  • I went back to Park Run in Crystal Palace this week. Loads of dogs there, but not sure Buster is quite up to that amount of people all stomping in the same direction. He might improve my time though.
  • Music for this week: The brilliant DJ Andy Smith’s collection of Disco Wonderland:

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