Week notes 2020-09

The classic 90s Canadian sketch show The Kids in the Hall is coming back! This is exciting new for me becasue, when it first aired in the UK, I would sit in the dining room of my childhood home, watching the show on a tiny ‘portable’ TV that sat on my parent’s dresser (while they were in the living room watching something they wanted to watch… like the news or something!). My best friend at school was also obsessed with the show and we would go around ‘squashing people’s heads’ and singing ‘Alouette, Gentille Alouette’ because of the sketch above. Which I still find hilarious to this day.

These days I find Joe Pera Talks With You hilarious. If you haven’t been introduced to Joe yet, you owe it to yourself go find him out (he’s on All4 in the UK I think). If you need more convincing, this article in the Guardian should help.

I have just finished reading a very detailed account of Royal Instagram accounts. I don’t care a jot about Harry or Wills or any of them really, but it’s a pretty interesting investigation into the slightly suspicious behaviour of their follower counts.

This week, Buster came to the office with me for the first time. Which also entailed going on a train for the first time. He nailed both tasks with flying colours. I was very proud of him. This must be how parents feel when their offspring speak their first words or graduate university.

Also this week, I went round a friend’s house to drink beer and play boardgames. Of course we had to have a game of Pandemic (so topical), but I was also introduced to Coup! which I enjoyed a lot (lots of bluffing and susipicion).

Musical treat this week, has to be the new album from Caribou:

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