Week notes 2020-10

  • This week marks three years since my wife went into hospital with an abcess on her brain, and two years since I decided to start seeing a therapist (these two events are not unrelated).
  • In a few weeks I’ll stop seeing a therapist. I can honestly say it’s been one of the most positive and helpful things I’ve ever done and I would recommend it to anyone (I say that in the full knowledge that I’m lucky enough to have the time, money and access to a choice of therapists that definitely helped make my experience a positive one, but still… everyone should do it).
  • Last night we flaunted the social distancing guidelines and invited some friends round for wine, food and stupid games, to celebrate my wife’s birthday. It was a fantastic time and made me realise just how much we rely on the comany of others (as well as these margaritas) to get us through the shit times.
  • Myself and Nina will both be working from home for the forseeable future. I have a feeling that ending therapy at this time may have been a terrible mistake!
  • Just started reading How to Listen to Jazz by Ted Gioia, so far it’s an incredibly accessible and not-at-all-up-its-own-arse read, which I’m very thankful for.
  • Not watched many films recently. Mainly because TV has gotten good again (Curb, Better Call Saul, The Trip to Greece, etc). That may all change if I’m consigned to the house for the next few weeks though.
  • I read an article entitled How a Hot $100 Million Design Startup Collapsed Overnight this week. Kind of against my better judgement really. All these articles follow the same pattern: what starts out a decent idea for a small company outgrows itself fuelled by ego and arrogance and dumb VC funding, until it smashes into a hubris-shaped iceberg taking down a bunch of innocent, hardworking employees with it. And, more often than not, the idiot CEO pockets a bunch of cash and moves on to the next world-changing idea.
  • As an antidote to all that, I also read The Culinary Couple Who Built a British Empire, a lovely article about Fergus and Margot Henderson, who built a successful tiny empire fuelled by love, care and joy; and whose passion has inspired others to go on to similar success.
  • In these uncertain times, the Hendersons are the heroes we need.
  • Music this week is an easy choice: New Four Tet!
  • P.S. 100 posts on this blog now. Go me.

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