Week notes 2020-11

  • Above, Kermit doing Talking Heads, for no other reason than it’s fantastic and joyful and daft.
  • I wrote a blog post last week. Honestly I did. Then I closed my browser without saving the draft, and lost all but the next two bullet points. Oh well. There are other things to worry about right now. Here’s how I started a week ago…
  • One of the things about writing these week notes is that you’re able to see just how quickly things change from one week to the next. Never more so than in the last seven fourteen days.
  • Last week was a full week of working from home. A lot of video calls, most of them back-to-back, not really being able to step away from the computer for any decent stretch of time and a feeling that it was taking twice as long to achieve half as much.
  • But, on the other hand, we are very lucky. We have food, we have wine and beer. We have each other, we have friends nearby who we can shout to from the end of their driveway, and we have our beautiful, stupid dog who we’re still able to take out for walks and run round the garden with. Life could be a lot worse.
  • Talking of dogs, the NY Times just ran an piece on why Walking the Dog Is ‘a Piece of Paradise’ and they are absolutely right about that.
  • And talking of food, wine and beer, Little Places is a website that aims to catalogue “any business, creator or maker who is doing something different during this pandemic that brings a bit of delight to people”.
  • Speaking honestly, it’s times like this that I miss having a platform like Londonist to work with, to help people wth, to entertain people with.
  • What are we doing in isolation other than eating and drinking and playing with Buster? Well, for one, I’m immersing myself in Animal Crossing, because it’s calming and wierdly beautiful and also a little bit addictive.
  • I’m reading. I finished How to Listen to Jazz last week, and now I’m on to Roman Farrow’s Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, which is maybe not the most escapist book, but is just fascinating and very well put together. I bought it from Bookseller Crow by the way, just before the lockdown. You can still buy from them using their website though.
  • We’re watching TV. We’re deep into the new seriesof Better Call Saul and about to embark on new Ozark. And, no we haven’t watchd Tiger King yet.
  • We’re watching the odd film. We watched 21 Bridges last night (at Nina’s insistence, she loved Black Panther) and it is definitely escapist but it’s also quite flawed.
  • And I have been listening to a lot of music. Spotify has been a nice way of ‘staying in touch’ with friends. Take this playlist my friend Mark put together:

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