Week notes 2020-16

  • Above, David Lynch takes a break from reporting on the weather to explain his Incredible Checking Stick. And he’s right, wood is such a blessing for humanity. The last line of this video will keep me smiling for weeks.
  • I don’t post a lot of work-related ‘strategy’ stuff here in my Week Notes, but this article from Ben Thompson’s Stratechery blog goes way beyond advertising and marketing to talk about the press, media distribution, “the nichification of everything” and why “the New York Times is finding it difficult to sustain an opinion section purporting to represent all sides of an issue” (i.e. the Black Lives Matter protests).

The web is still a very young medium, and it has been influenced more than anything else by print media design. There is so much more that can be done with text on a screen than is being done today. Citations, drawing, chat, speech-to-text. There are opportunities everywhere, and the bar is low! If we are serious about unlocking the value of knowledge we should consider how to improve every part of the knowledge production stack, and that includes reading. As Laurel Schwulst says: “Imaginative functionality is important, even if it’s only a trace of what was, as it’s still a sketch for a more ideal world.”

  • I generated that nice looking quote with the Quotebacks Chrome extension by Toby Critchlow and Tom Shorin. It’s very neat and quick and very very handy.
  • Days of Bagnold Summer is a gentle, funny, and really touching film, whch I really enjoyed. It’s also under 90 minutes long!
  • Every year I compile four hour-ish Spotify playlist of my favourite songs I’ve discovered this year (usually a mix of brand new stuff and older things I’ve only recently heard for the first time). Here’s 2020’s edition. Enjoy.

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