Week notes 2020-18

  • Thursday night was Wingspan night! And, boy, that was fun. We played it twice through and both times it took a bit longer than it should have. The first time because the rules take some getting used to; the second time… well, we were drunk. I can’t wait to play it again, just to start getting to the real nitty gritty strategy of it all.
  • Utopia was a Channel 4 TV series from seven (!) years ago, written by the brilliant Dennis Kelly. I was lucky enough to have worked on the accompanying ‘digital experience’, which meant I got to visit the set and learn a lot about TV production (I still have a souvenir Utopia comic book prop on my bookshelf upstairs). Well now Utopia is a US series starring John Cusack and coming to Amazon soon. Very weird. Here’s the trailer:
  • We watched The Way Back the other night, because schlubby, depressed Affleck is the best type of Affleck.
  • Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston is a longish article I’ve had on my ‘to read’ list since it appeared in the New Yorker about a year ago. You should read it if only for sentences like this:

“We swallowed pills that had been crushed into Kleenex, and then we slipped into a sweaty black box of a music venue down the street, and I felt weightless, like I’d come back around to a truth that I had first been taught in church: that anything could happen, and a sort of grace that was both within you and outside you would pull you through.”

  • For your listening pleasure this week, here’s Luke ‘The Rapture’ Jenner’s beautiful new solo album:

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