Week notes 2020-20

  • Didn’t post last week because we were in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk, getting a bit of much-needed time away, out of the house. There was a hot tub, pizza, barbecue, fish and chips on the beach, and chasing rabbits in fields at sunset (Buster, not me). It was great.
  • This week we watched An American Pickle (just ok, doesn’t quite land the funny bits or the emotional bits), and Be Water, the ESPN 30 For 30 doc about Bruce Lee (nothing really new but nicely done as most of these 30 For 30s are).
  • Been watching a quite a bit of sport recently, which is not really like me. I didn’t watch any sports regularly until I was in my 30s really, when I got into road cycling through the Tour de France. More recently I’ve started watching baseball (particularly the Phillies). I think both sports offer that mix of individual and team effort that appeals to me somehow. Of course, the sports dearth recently has made me appreciate the whole thing a lot more. This week I’ve been enjoying the Critérium du Dauphiné highlights on ITV4.
  • Here’s some Yacht Rock to see out your weekend with:

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