Week notes 2020-26

  • Above, the trailer for Alex Gibney’s new documentary ‘Totally Under Control’. That man’s output is insane.
  • Talking of documentaries… Field Notes is “a new online journal for original writing about nonfiction cinema in all its forms”. This article about how an inaccurate and incomplete Wikipedia entry inspired a documentary about “an infamous British police investigation into same-sex male sadomasochism” is brilliant.
  • This week’s new boardgame discovery: Terraforming Mars. As usual with these things it looks fiendishly complicated until you start playing and then you fall under it’s spell very quickly. I really liked it… maybe even more than Wingpsan (controversial).
  • Haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to dip into my relatively new Criterion Channel subscription, but this week I did get chance to watch Orson Welles being interviewed on the Dick Cavett show, which forms part of the extras on their edition of The Magnificent Ambersons (that’s a just a clip of the interview I found on YouTube, the Criterion version is a good half an hour long).
  • The Guardian report on the David Lynch YouTube phenomenon that is his big jar of random numbers: David Lynch has your number. But does it add up?
  • I can’t remember where I came across The Eleven Laws of Showrunning by Javier Grillo-Marxuach but I finally got round to reading it and it’s a great primer on leadership and creativity even if you don’t run a TV series.
  • Finally got my hands on a vinyl copy of Cat Stephen’s Mona Bone Jakon this week. Have a listen and then go watch Harold & Maude.

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