Week notes 2020-27

  • Above: Song 2, but every “woohoo” is done by Mario. You’re welcome.
  • Highlight of this week was definitely a trip to the new Noble Rot in Soho with Nina. Melty cheese, potatoes, pigeon, goulash, some amazing wine… I have missed restaurants and I have missed Soho (but most of all, I have missed melty cheese).
  • Today I went for a 15k run (mainly so I can eat more cheese). That’s a lot for me. Tomorrow might be tricky.
  • There’s a new trailer for The Stand! My optimism for Autumn/Winter TV and films has gone back up a bit.
  • See also: Promising Young Woman, which looks like the kind of movie Joker wishes it had been (i.e. a good one).
  • Talking of shit superhero films… As usual, this Alan Moore interview is required reading. Moore has a TV series coming out and Tom Burke is in it! High high hopes.
  • Ton Burke is also playing Orson bloody Welles in the new David Fincher film. The guy is on a roll:
  • I am slowly trying to ween myself off Spotify and to start using Bandcamp more. This article about the two platforms has not dissuaded me from my mission.
  • I started A Fan’s Notes by Frederick Exley. I can’t remember where the hell I got the recommendation from, but so far I’m loving it.
  • On a slightly different literature tack: I read the origin story of Jack Reacher (I have a soft spot for Reacher).
  • This photo essay made me want to ride around Alaska on my bike.
  • Music this week courtesy of Flying Mojito Brothers: “One whole hour of slow-ass, languid 1970s edits produced for a return gig at Pikes Ibiza”:

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