Week notes 2020-29

  • I have climbed out of my reading slump. This week I finished A Fan’s Notes by Fred Exley, described in this Guardian article as “a staggering book, a beautiful book, and one deserving of a much wider readership.” I couldn’t agree more. I loved it and I am very grateful to my friend, Mark for recommending it to me.
  • I also ripped through Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam. I can’t remmeber where I heard about this one (maybe this NY Times list?) but I fell into it from page four or five and then just devoured it in a few days. Really really good.
  • Films this week: I watched The Booksellers, a documentary about what you think it’s going to be about, and which is just ok. This Letterboxd review sums it up nicely:

A few moments of goodness every now and again. The talking heads were really interesting but I can’t help but feel that the subject matter doesn’t really need a full length documentary. I reckon if it were about bookstores and booksellers in general, as opposed to focusing on antiquarian booksellers and books, then it could’ve been really amazing. Another thing, it never said who each person being interviewed was, it’s like yes the director knows who these people are but the viewer doesn’t, there should’ve been names letting the viewer know who the talking heads are.

Charming enough but not meaty enough and towards the end it got kinda boring. Needed more structure to it.

  • And I also watched Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks, which is as fluffy and airy as candyfloss but (also like candyfloss) is enjoyable for a brief time. Just don’t expect it to linger in your memory. If you want to see Bill Murray doing his thing, then this is that film. (It did just make me want to go and watch Lost in Translation again though).
  • I started this week with a case of the insomnia blues (a few nights in a row of waking up in the very early hours and not being able to get back off turned me into a total wreck). But I’ve finished the week off feeling nicely knackered after a 10k run this morning (during which I got well and truly rained on), with a sleeping Buster at my feet, and the promise of an end-of-the-week Martini that I’m going to make as soon as I press publish on this. Things could be a lot worse.
  • For your ears this week, may I present this glorious re-edit of a Steve Miller Band classic:

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