Week Notes 2021-02

The bar at Balthazar, as seen in Vanity Fair
  • There hasn’t been much time for doing much other than work this past week.
  • I have managed to keep my reading rate up. Did I mention I’m trying to read around a book a week this year? Last year I struggled to read much at all, and I know I feel better when I read more. So far this year I’ve gone through Tetris: The Games People Play by Box Brown and now I’m a good way through Streets of Laredo by Larry McMurtry.
  • And running. I’ve managed to do that three times a week for a full two weeks. Go me!
  • But other than that it’s been a lot of work (a big pitch is getting prepared) and a lot of reading about the future of the internet and content (kind of work, kind of just what I’ve always been interested in),
  • There was a lot around about the future of the social web, even before Trump got banned from Twitter. Here’s Matt Webb on ‘virtual private neighbourhoods’.
  • And Matt also points to Garbage Day on Bean Dad and what that whole thing says about Twitter and it’s imminent death.
  • Meanwhile Benedict Evans looks a little down the line at the rise of the newsletter (especially Substack).
  • And even the New Yorker gets involved in the Substack conversation with a typically lengthy essay on the newsletter subscription service.
  • As to what all that means, I’ll let you decide. But if you want something non-internetty, then how about restaurateur Keith McNally writing about the closure of the beloved Balthzar in Vanity Fair. Look at the image above and try and tell me you don’t miss siting in beautiful bars like that.
  • Music this week is not actually music, but is music-adjacent and it has a very important message (and some very sweary swearing):

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