Week Notes 2021-03

  • My reading continues apace. This week I finished The Streets of Laredo and now I’m well into Duncan The Wonder Dog, a doorstep of a graphic novel that my brother bought me for Christmas. It’s not nearly as lighthearted as the title might have you believe. Here’s the blurb: “What if animals could talk? Would some of them form a militant group in reaction to how humans treat them? Would humans treat them different?”
  • My favourite read of the week was A Road Trip with David Hockney and Richard Wagner from The New Yorker. Why don’t more people create mixtapes for roadtrips?
  • These Precious Days, by Ann Patchett in Harper’s was also moving and beautiful. Bonus points for including Tom Hanks (and yet, somehow, he’s a bit player in this story).
  • How not to go back to normal by Diyora Shadijanova in It’s Nice That, captures the ‘upside’ of lockdown:
In my lifetime, this is the first time many of us have been forced to think beyond our day-to-day and be reminded that we’re all living in the same ecosystem. We’ve been humbled and it’s made us more mindful. And sure, 2020 was far from perfect, but at least we started making progress by banding together.
  • For your listening pleasure this week: the latest album by UK composer E.M.M.A.

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