Week Notes 2021-07

  • Next week I’ll do a full week for the agency I work at (I’ve actually got a big pitch on the Friday). After that, I’m still working there, but I’m reducing my hours right down and spending the majority of my time getting some other projects off the ground. I won’t go into loads of detail right now, but they’re very personal things that I’ve been sitting with for ages, and I just want to try and see if I can make them happen. Wish me luck!
  • Bearing all that in mind, You Don’t Have To Start At The Beginning from Adam Westbrook was a good little essay for me to read this week.
  • As was My Urge to Fail and Fail Again by David Duchovny of all people!
  • I am, and have always been, fascinated by publishing. So the articles being written right now about the seismic shifts in how we consume written media are like catnip to me.
  • What Are Magazines Good For? from The New Yorker is a very long and not totally unbiased history of the periodical told through the eyes of an obsessive collector.
  • And then from the other side of the battle lines is What I Learned in 3 Years of Writing a Newsletter by Ann Handley. I am taking notes 🙂
  • Two other industries facing enormous upheaval are…
  • … Restaurants. Obviously But Salt Fat Acid Defeat is an examination of what might happen to restaurants post-lockdown (and a searing review of what they’d become pre-lockdown).
  • … And fashion. Less obviously I guess. But that makes it all the more interesting. Die, Workwear! is a blog I really admire and his 2020 in Hindsight: A Year in Fashion is a good read if you have even a passing interest in ‘clothes and stuff’.
  • While we’re on the subject of businesses failing; The Wild True Story of Stan Lee and the Dot-Com Disaster feels more heartbreaking than ‘wild’. A tale of vicious con men taking advantage of a vulnerable creative that will make your blood boil.
  • Another heartbreaking profile that everyone should read is Searching for Shelley Duvall, the Reclusive ‘The Shining’ Icon. Again, vulnerable brilliant people being ripped open and their souls mined for money.
  • I think I’m especially pissed off about this because I watched the HBO special Tiger (about Tiger Woods) and Framing Britney Spears, in the space of the last week. Whatever you think about either of those individuals you have to agree that: dads have a lot answer for, and the press need to be cut down to size in monumental fashion.
  • Can’t get enough Adam Curtis? Well here is Adam Curtis Explains It All in The New Yorker.
  • Meanwhile Scorcese writes about his love of Fellini and his hatred of ‘content’ in Harpers.
  • And finally this week: The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin Billionaire Arthur Hayes in Vanity Fair, is a great read for anyone interested in where our economy is going.
  • Music for the week: an album that came out a few years ago but which I only just discovered and have been listening to a lot recently. Mannigfaltig by Dominik Eulberg.

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